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Account Application and Security Acknowledgment

    This form is used to apply for a new computing account on the College of Engineering systems. If you need your existing account renewed, please send mail to unixnet @

    If you already have a College of Engineering account (enabled or disabled, from last month, last year or 10 years ago), any new College of Engineering account request will not be processed.

    Please read this entire application. After signing for your account, you will be expected to follow all the rules and policies on this page. After filling out and submitting this form, you will need to go to TBE A311 to sign a Security Agreement stating you have read this and to present your photo ID.


  • In using the college systems and systems accessible through the network, users may not seek to gain unauthorized access to resources, disrupt the intended use of the systems, waste resources through such actions, damage or destroy the integrity of computer based information, or compromise the privacy of users.
  • As part of the UNLV campus community, users must abide by the acceptable use policies of UNLV and UCCSN.
  • The College of Engineering policies include but are not limited to:
    • Avoid sending large email attachments unless absolutely necessary. You should put the file on your web space and send a link instead. This is due to the fact that email is extremely inefficient for sending files.
    • Do not send an email to a large group of users (also known as mass emailing or SPAM). If you require this ability for a legitimate purpose, please contact the Systems Administrators for assistance.
    • Remember that anything you send in email can be read by any number of people along the way. Email is very similar to mailing a postcard - treat it as such.
    • Using the College resources for illegal purposes will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.
    • Using file sharing programs on the College of Engineering network, including but not limited to, Kazaa, Sharaza, Gnutella, and BitTorrent, is strongly not recommended. Usage of these programs will alert the System Administrators immediately.
  • Periodic backups are performed of files stored on the main servers. However, the integrity or availability of these backups is NOT guaranteed. Therefore, all users should maintain their own backups of important files.
  • Users, by accepting an account on the UNLV College of Engineering Network, agree to abide by these guidelines, decisions of the Systems Administrators, and computer staff.

Security Acknowledgment

    By using your account, you are acknowledging your responsibility to protect any information (processed and/or stored under directories that you own) which is derived from copyrighted, licensed, or proprietary information. If applicable, you will learn the protection features available for this purpose provided by the UNIX systems. You will protect the systems from any unauthorized use. You will not give anyone access to your account. You are responsible for any use or abuse of the systems with your account. No one will ever ask you for your password, and you should not give it out to anyone.

Students Must Now use Their RebelMail Login Name for the EGR Account.

The EGR accounts will have separate passwords from the UNLV RebelMail system.

Faculty and Staff may choose any (not already allocated) Login Name.

Requested Login Name:
UNLV email address:

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